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What We Do



(either turn key or technical support)

· Dose modeling

· Air dispersion modeling

· Demolition analysis for regulatory compliance

· Dose assessment services 

· Dosimetry analysis and program implementation

· 10 CFR 835 program development and implementation

· General radiological engineering services for decontamination and decommissioning


(either turn key or technical support)

· Radiological control technicians 

· Radiological decontamination and decommissioning operations support


· 10 CFR 851 program development and implementation

· Safety Culture survey design, implementation and analysis

· 10 CFR 1910 – General occupation safety program design, implementation and oversight

· 10 CFR 1926 – Occupational safety for construction (and demolition) program design, implementation and oversight

· ISMS program design and implementation

· OSHA VPP program design and implementation


· Environmental Closure Strategy development and negotiation for radiologically contaminated sites

· Development, design and implementation of radiological cleanup strategies

· Cross-regulation compliance strategy development, negotiation and support for D&D programs 

· PAAA analysis and support

Where We've Been



Lemma and our principals have provided expert project execution, leadership, advice and support at a variety of DOE and DOD sites, as well as international work, including:


DOE-Legacy Management, Grand Junction, CO

Los Alamos, NM

Rocky Flats Environmental Site, CO

Idaho National Laboratory, ID

Mound, OH

East Tennessee Technology Park, TN

West Valley Demonstration Project, NY

Dounreay, Scotland

Canadian National Laboratories, Canada

Former Naval Air Station Alameda, CA

Former Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, San Francisco, CA

Former Naval Station Treasure Island, San Francisco, CA

Former Mare Island Naval Shipyard, Vallejo, CA

Former Long Beach Naval Shipyard, CA

Former Naval Air Station Sand Point, Seattle, WA

Former Naval Air Station Brunswick, ME

Former Al Kahrj Range, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Naval Air Station Jacksonville, FL

Roosevelt Roads Naval Station, Cebu, Puerto Rico

Lowry Training Annex, Watkins, CO

Who We Are



Lemma Technical Services is a small, service-disabled veteran-owned firm that provides expert technical and compliance envelope support to the federal government and its contractors, particularly in the radiological remediation and D&D environment. The principals bring more than 50 years of senior problem solving expertise – from situation analysis and diagnosis to solution identification and implementation. 

Lemma focuses on pragmatic solutions emerging from their ‘Been there - Done that’ body of experience and prides itself on three things:

• We know what we know.

• We know what we don’t know.

• We know who does know.


Some of our favorite successes

STANDING UP A WORKER SAFETY AND HEALTH SYSTEM  - At Los Alamos  - EM,  we supported the incoming contractor in establishing a comprehensive 10 CFR 851 Worker Safety and Health system. This included spearheading the multi-disciplinary review and re-engineering of dozens of safety-related procedures and processes.

COMPLIANCE ENVELOPE VERIFICATION - For DOE-LM we reviewed the Safety and Health procedures for compliance and identified a previously unrecognized business vulnerability that has since been rectified by the client, saving them significant liability exposure.  

VOLUNTARY PROTECTION PROGRAM - We are providing VPP implementation and certification leadership for a major DOE site.  As an active member of the VPPA, we were able to  identify and support resolution of deficiencies that could have derailed the client's application for Star Status.

Lemma is currently preparing for our own application for Star Status.

NRC LICENSING - We are supporting a commercial client seeking a radioactive materials license.  To support their time-sensitive business needs, we were able to prepare an expedited application and submit it in  less than half the usual time frame. 

OPEN AIR DEMOLITION - At West Valley Development Project, we were responsible for developing, designing, implementing, and monitoring a real-time airborne radiological detection system  that allowed open air demolition of a contaminated building.  The system detected unexpected contamination release from waste loading activities and allowed the operators to adjust activities in real time, thus avoiding any release of radioactivity.  

PROPOSAL SUPPORT - we have provided technical proposal support to several major DOE solicitations, focusing on integration of compliance envelope processes, conduct of operations and work control. 


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